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Successfully linking tradition and high-end technology, we have derived a brand new method of this versatile instrument production, based on the outcomes of our all-encompassing researches.

Why Carboneon

Why carbon

Carbon fibre, also known as a graphite fibre, being a very strong and very lightweight material, five-time stronger than steel and twice as stiff, emerges as many designers and engineers’ first choice.

Its numerous advantageous features, among which we’d like to emphasize its tensile strength, low thermal expansion, its tolerance to extensive heat, the firmness and high chemical resistance it demonstrates, make carbon fibre very popular in many industries, favoured by many manufacturers.

Accordions, known as best audio mixers, feature smooth and soothing sounds which we wanted to enhance.

Various specialists we brought together have been thoroughly researching favourable aspects of this composite material and beneficial effects it has on the accordion traits and the sound production.

Carboneon have used the research results to present dexterous product.

Innovation Innovation


Carboneon specialists are to introduce a ground-breaking methodology in the process of accordion production.

Relying on the beneficial carbon fibre traits we have delivered an ingenious professional accordion 40% lighter than conventionally produced instruments of this type.

Having the commonly used plywood and metal components replaced with the the precisely designed carbon units, we have developed a long-lasting and drastically lighter instrument, easily adaptable and featuring a myriad of stylish and interesting designs.

Professional Instrument Professional Instrument

Professional instrument

Initiating a whole new era in the accordion craftsmanship, we would like to present a professional instrument, light and solid as never before, featuring beautiful and immersive sounds.

The instrument’s portable and durable design, simultaneously featuring sterling sounds, appeals to the professional players compensating all the deficiencies of traditionally crafted accordions.

Detail Care Detail Care

Detail Care

It’s our careful and devoted approach to the design and production process based on precise and accurate hand-made methods.

Each and every detail has been meticulously designed, ensuring the coherence in the sound production process on one hand, and providing consistent craftsmanship of the instrument as an as-built product on the other hand.

Due to the prominent Swiss precision in methodology, each new accordion construction is reliably indistinguishable to the previously manufactured piece.

Swiss Made Swiss Made

Swiss made

A lot of effort has been put into both surveillance and manufacture process, harmonizing endeavours to upgrade the instrument’s traits and the sound production quality superseding the flaws of the long time ago established design methods.

The instruments we deliver are originated in Switzerland in accordance with the core Swiss, world-wide appreciated, principles in the area of design.

Carboneon create accordions based on the principles discovered through a scrutinized scientific approach.

We seek simplicity, driven by the our ideal of design to achieve preciseness, order and outstanding quality, truly believing that that aesthetic beauty will arise out of the purpose, that the form follows the function.